Make your own photo Anniversary E-Card!

This is a cute, fun anniversary e card that's absolutely free and takes minutes to make.  (And don't worry - there's nothing to download and you don't even have to register).  Once you're finished making it here below, you can email it to your husband, wife, partner, or parents, post on Facebook or save it to your computer to print at home. 

How to make this beautiful anniversary photo e-card:

Follow the steps below to upload your photos one by one.  At the end of the process, wait patiently for the finished card to load as it may take a couple minutes for this particular e-card, depending on how heavy your original photos are.  When it’s done, you will see the actual full size of your new anniversary photo E Card.    

For best results, center faces in the photo box and enlarge so that the faces are clear.  One more thing before you get going, if you love this card, please give it a “like” at the end.  Thanks!

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