Here's a LOVE ecard to send a woman who appreciates big bones.  Just upload your face pic and send.
This funny ecard was inspired by David Letterman's Top 10 list for Sumo Pickup Lines.  Remember, your text is editable so feel free to improvise!:
10) They call me 'Don Juan in diaper'.
9) I'm a 400 pound hunk of burnin' love.
8) Let's enjoy the traditional Japanese custom of gettin' it on.
7) Wanna wrassle?
6) I may look tubby, but I got an ass like a jackhammer.
5) People say I look like a young Paul Newman.
4) Wanna do it with a fat guy?
3) I'm 3 percent muscle, 50 percent fat, and 100 percent sex machine.
2) You can be on top.
1) I've got Mount Fuji in my pants

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