MeCards Mission

At MeCards, we feel that free funny E Cards that don't suck are a basic human right.  We don't think you should have to suffer through registration forms, subscription fees, toolbars, downloads and other membership mumbo jumbo in order to enjoy them.  

In addition to quality free funny e-cards, MeCards lets you purchase premium 99¢ animated cards in a "pay and go away" fashion – that is, you still wouldn’t have to join us in order to enjoy us.  Unless of course, you choose to, but we'll leave that up to you.

And that brings us to the real essence of MeCards – they're about you, your friends, your family, your redneck uncle Cletis.  Every MeCard is hand crafted by a team of disgruntled Christmas elves who create them to fit your funny faces and what you're about.  Wackos, weirdos, meanies, pervs, frat boys, anorexics and nuns – there's a free MeCard out there for each and every one of you.

 If you'd like to speak to anyone about MeCards, simply email and we'll try to find someone who can answer you.


Free funny ECards  

For personal E-card requests, please send a message to:

Or click the link to learn about creating your own custom branded "in your face" photo ecard for your website or blog.